Monday, April 20, 2009

Your 1st Love In Your First Relationship

Do you remember your 1st love? For a select group of the population, their 1st love came about in their first relationship.
Usually, our 1st love is someone who we shared our lives with when we were teenagers.
You probably can remember the raging hormones, the volatile emotions and the unpredicabilty of the relationship. For alot of woman (who were girls at the time) they thought about the possibility of marriage with their 1st love.
However, the thing that is so confusing about our 1st love, is the possible misinterpretation of the relationship that we shared with that special someone. Was it true love? Or could it have been our hormones feeding our lust, causing us to believe a lie? Maybe the object of our affection was just an infactuation. It is a possibility that it was just a deep sense of caring for that person wich was mistaken for love. Think about it.

See, the purpose for this introspection is to get a better understanding of love in either our first relationship and the relations we become involved in here after.

It has been said that 'if you don't know where you have come from, then you will not know or understand where you are going.

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